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ArmA3 - King of The Hill by Sa-Matra

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You become a survivor in the zombie infested ruins of society, and team up with your friends to remain among the living.

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 Item IDs List (2.2.5)

0: Fancy Shades1: Civilian NVG2: Stetson3: Construction Helmet4: Fire Helmet5: Police Cap6: Fire...

 Unturned Essentials Commands

Format: /command [argument(s)] - "Description"/ban [playername] - "Bans a player from your...

 Why are there already objects on my server?

You may have noticed after purchasing your first server that objects are already scattered around...

 How to: Find My Steam64UID

 List of Perks and Weapons

In the new King of The Hill v9+, you have the ability to disable perks and weapons at your...

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